Hello reader, and welcome to ChroniclesRPG.com. This website is created as a foundation for releasing our Public Domain RPG system, ChroniclesRPG.

This project began as a small project of modifying some parts of another game to fit a strange setting, and grew into a setting agnostic collection of rules that anyone can apply to any setting and modify to fit its needs. Yes, we reinvented the wheel and it might seem like a long walk for a short drink of water. But this project became more than we ever thought at first and five years later, still under active scrutiny, this system has been stretched and bent without breaking, yet. It seems like a good time to try to get it out there and into other people’s hands. So please, enjoy ChroniclesRPG.

You may find more information at our Wikia.

ChroniclesRPG – BossGames Edition

ChroniclesRPG – Community Edition